Past Events and Highlights

John Culin Memorial Single Series & BBQ 


August 10, 2019


Thanks to everyone!



1st: John Kaitschuck/Hanna   

2nd: Nancy Kelly/Tango   

3rd: Susie Gallagher/Darby              

4th: Kim Sweetnam/Scarlett 


1st:  Greg Houser/Nellie

2nd: Jamie Warren/Reef

3rd: Brian Iwata/Ginger

4th: Kristen Hardy/Harvey


1st: Brian Iwata/Maggie     

2nd: Denise Iwata/Dusty

3rd: Jamie Warren/Fiji

4th: Anne Pletcher/Rio



 1st: Roy Frey/Pi

 2nd: Anne Pletcher/Cookie

 3rd: John Kaitschuck/Ilsa

 4th: Greg Houser/Brooke Francisco/Cooper 

Hunt Test Photos from Rick 

Congratulations to Justin Tancredi, the winner of the CWA (California WaterFowl Association) shotgun raffle that was held February 18, 2017!!  

Watch the MBHRC 2017 Shotgun Raffle:  Two Drawings for Two Shotguns!! 

Super Single Series held Aug. 29th at Jones Lake. Everyone had a great time

MBHRC had a great showing at the 2015 Rush Ranch Open House!  Thanks to Rich Anderson and our club members sharing our club passion with the public.

AKC MBHRC Hunt Test - February 15 - 16, 2014

Visitors watching MBHRC dog handling

MBHRC A  Hit at the RUSH RANCH Open House, Saturday April 26, 2014 in Suisun City


It was a fun day of happy dogs at work as well as demonstrations on how they
are trained.  The dogs showed off well for the audiences.  The youngster had
a special treat with "dog handling" and throwing bumpers for the dogs.

Thank you for all your wonderful help, Debbie F, Debbie T and Luane! 

September 15, 2013 John Culin Super Single Series!

April 27, 2013 Rush Ranch Demo Day

Club members had fun at the Rush Ranch 23rd Annual Open House Saturday, April 27th, talking to visitors about AKC Hunt Tests. The dogs enjoyed showing off their skills at doubles, triples and blinds.  Even kids got caught up in the action by throwing bumpers in the field for eagerly awaiting dogs.  Looking forward to next year's open house!  Thanks Gaylene, Debbie F, Marianne, Lynn, Denise and Brian.

April 20, 2013 Gun Club Shoot

Thanks to members John and Susan Roselli, fun was had at the Los Altos Rod and Gun Club. Under John's expert guidance, members learned helpful tips and had a great time shooting clays.  Look for similar events in the future!  Thanks John and Susan!

February 2013 AKC Hunt Test - THANKS TO OUR DONORS and SPONSORS

Training Day with the Quarles

2009 Club Pheasant Hunt

Hastings Island Pheasant Hunt - November 21, 2009