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Congratulations James Boone and Goose - earning their first


Junior Hunter Qualifying Ribbon.  Way to Go!!!!

Congratulations Cookie! Qualified in the Master National. One try.

--Submitted by Anne Pletcher  

Aug 5, 2017 John Culin Memorial Single Series Winners!



1st: John Kaitschuck: IISA

2nd: Wendy Johnston: TIGGERr

3rd:  Pat Johnson: MOLLY

4th: Sharon Ventura: MIMIi

Reserve:  Wendy Johnson:: TWEETY


1st:  Sharon Hanzelka: RIYA

2nd: Nancy Kelly: BARON

3rd: Kate Davern: BLU


1st:  Susan Cohn: SKY

2nd: Kate Davern: ODIE

3rd: Sharon Ventura: GLITTER


1st: Denise Iwata: DUSTY  

2nd: Brian Iwata: MAGGIE

2017 Summer Single Series Results

Thank you to the planners, the judges and all the workers!


1st Place:  Cookie (Labrador Retriever) owned by John Schulte, DVM, handled by Anne Pletcher


2nd Place:  Trixie (Labrador Retriever), owned and handed by Rhonda Reed


3rd Place:  Pint (Nova Scotia Duck Toller), owned and handled by Danika Bannasch


Honorable Mention:  Rye (Golden Retriever) owned and handled by Ed Ryska


1st Place:  Rumor, Karen Slissmah


2nd Place:  Ilsa (Golden Retriever) owned and handled by John Kaitschuck


3rd Place: Gracie handled by Dan Reilly

Michael Tancredi with Diva - who retrieved 1,000 ducks!!  

2016 MBHRC Single Series Winners!


GOLD-Chase (John Schulte)

SILVER- Bling (Nancy Kelly)

BRONZE- Kubu (Steve Sloop)


GOLD-Tess (Sharon Ventura)

SILVER-Punch (Nancy Kelly)

BRONZE-PJ (Linda Christensen)


GOLD-Deven (Christine Dorich)

SILVER-Fern (Anne Pletcher)

BRONZE-Miles (Mark)



GOLD-Maggie (Denise Iwata)

SILVER-Cookie (John Schultie)

BRONZE-Xena (Anne Pletcher)

Super Single Series Photo Recap 

Thank you Steve Sloop! Check out these great photos from the August 20 John Culin Single Series!  The event was fun complete with Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals! Lunch was enjoyed by all thanks to Linda and Hamilton!  Yum.  And a special thanks for all your planning Anne!



1000 Duck Retrieves!!





January 10,  2016
Diva Mcgee & Michael Tancredi, with her 1000th
retrieval....all of which were made,  at the Gable Duck Club, in the South Grasslands, near Los Banos, California 

Diva -- 1st Place Winner in CWA Photo Contest

Diva with #3 of a triple.  This great shot won the 1st Place Award of CWA Magazine's Annual Photo Contest - Dogs in Action.   Congratulations Janice and Michael Tancredi!!!

Jones Lake

Lucy enjoying a boat ride

MBHRC 2011 Hunt Test Photos by David Mills

Pat Johnson's Maggie ................Denise Iwata's Dusty ...................Brian Iwata's Maggie

Debbie and Shot Gun Shelley
Gaylene's Zipper